With more than 40 years of experience and a complete new production unit, equipped with the latest technologies on foundry industry, Firmago S.A., produces aluminum gravity castings in sand and die mould, with high level of quality.


      Our competence is shown by our continuous growth, our client’s satisfaction, and by the skilled workers in divers manufacture processes, that allow us to deliver completely finished products. This vertical structure, based on “all in house” Firmago´s philosophy, has been one of the keys of our success.


     Our castings are made according to various international standards and fulfill the requirements of our clients in different sectors.

Technology, versatility, and short delivery time, are combined to give the best response to our partners challenges.



The sand casting production sectors are distributed by an area of 4800 m2 and employ around 100 workers, including boards and specialized workers.









AS part of the “all in house” strategy, we have invested in 1999 on an CNC machine shop, and by this, we have improved the response time to our clients, and also free them from this logistical task and responsibility.








Our quality is equipped with a spectrometer to determine the chemical composition of each melt and approve it, before pouring.